New Winona Wilde video premieres at Canadian Beats

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Watch Winona Wilde‘s new video “Pincushion Soldier” at Canadian Beats!

The song is one of the standout tracks on her new album Wasted Time, and was the winner of the 2017 Ontario Arts Council’s Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award.

On tour now! Click here for dates.


New Video From Dave Allen: “Though I Hardly Knew You (I’d Still Call Out Your Name)”

Dave Allen-When The Demons Come ART

I’m very excited to be working with singer/songwriter Dave Allen (formerly of Stonetrotter) on his debut solo album, When The Demons Come [get it HERE].

It’s a powerful statement, which he made essentially on his own, and recommended for any fan of Jeff Tweedy, Bill Withers, Harry Nilsson, etc. Get a taste with this live solo performance of “Though I Hardly Knew You (I’d Still Call Out Your Name).”

There’ll be much more to come.

Rodney DeCroo’s new theatre project “Blackbird” needs your support

Blackbird banner

This year I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rodney DeCroo on his fantastic album Old Tenement Man (out now on Tonic Records). His new project is starring in David Harrower‘s play Blackbird being planned to be staged at Backspace Vancouver.

There is a Kickstarter campaign underway now to reach a goal of $7,000 to make the production happen, and I encourage you to make a pledge before Nov. 26 HERE

Premiere: Bird City – ‘Winnowing’

Grayowl Point

winnowingIf you’re familiar with thoughtful and witty songwriting, chances are you’ve heard something from Jenny Mitchell, be it her projects (Jenny Omnichord, The Barmitzvah Brothers) or her collaborations with other great acts like The Burning Hell.

Bird City is a different beast than Mitchell’s past projects. The songs on Winnowing are a product of 15 years of writing different kinds of songs written for banjo and tenor guitar. Though the sound is different, Mitchell still has an incredible eye for detail. The images in “A Band End,” for example, are amazing, from “drummers in the mist” to “the keyboards took flight.” In “Hours,” Mitchell muses on the untold amount of time we spend by ourselves, lost in our own thoughts. “Ticket to the Show” is about the haze and chaos of attending a show and going to an “intermission party.” You can feel the confusion, claustrophobia and even nostalgia in…

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Winona Wilde in Flare Magazine

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So thrilled to see Winona Wilde included in Flare Magazine‘s list of Canadian country artists to watch! She’s in some great company with Whitney Rose, Lindi Ortega and Colter Wall.

It was also announced today that her song “Pincushion Soldier” has won the Ontario Arts Council’s 2017 Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award. Hear it on her brand new album Wasted Time. [Spotify] [iTunes]

Thank you Gord

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Everything changed for me from the moment I first heard The Tragically Hip in 1988. Words cannot express my gratitude to Gord Downie for providing some of the greatest rock and roll experiences of my life, for being so gracious and supportive each time we interacted from our first encounter in 1989, and for giving me a deeper understanding of what it means to be Canadian.

To honour his memory, please continue to support truth & reconciliation, cancer research, and independent voices in all forms of Canadian music and literature.