New Winona Wilde video premieres at Canadian Beats

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Watch Winona Wilde‘s new video “Pincushion Soldier” at Canadian Beats!

The song is one of the standout tracks on her new album Wasted Time, and was the winner of the 2017 Ontario Arts Council’s Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award.

On tour now! Click here for dates.

Emily Millard releases amazing new video for “Toxic Town”


I was blown away seeing the new video for “Toxic Town,” one of the standout tracks from Emily Millard‘s latest album By Heron & By Season. Directed by Greg Compton, it features a 30-foot scroll drawing by B.C. visual artist Leya Tess, combined with a performance by Vancouver dancer and choreographer Sarah Gallos. The striking imagery really adds new layers to the music. Have a look for yourself:

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Luke Nicholson launches pre-sale for Shape And Sound


The pre-sale for Toronto singer/songwriter Luke Nicholson’s new album Shape And Sound is now underway! You can get full details at The album is officially released April 19 through Maggie’s Room Records/Fontana North Distribution.

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The video for “All Your Dresses” has already racked up over 10K YouTube views! Check it out for yourself:

Shape and Sound displays once again the melodic gifts and poignant storytelling that has led Luke Nicholson to be regarded as one of Canada’s true songwriting craftsmen.

The album’s two-year journey following his previous release Frantic City not only inspired the Toronto-based Nicholson to find his true artistic identity, it also encouraged him to firmly take the reins of his creative process. Nicholson worked closely with Marty Skrzypczyk, and between them they played every instrument while co-producing all the tracks from the beds up. Mixing was handled by Howie Beck, with Joao Carvalho applying his usual excellent mastering skills.

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