A few overlooked acts in 2016: year end edition

Thanks to the good folks at Grayowl Point for including Zachary Lucky!

Grayowl Point


by Anna, Laura, and Michael

Though we’re passionate about Canadian music, we are, in the end, a small group of people. Sometimes life gets busy; sometimes we get several stellar records submitted to us all at once; sometimes we discover a great record, only to be distracted by something else. So twice a year, we play catch-up. Here are some records we weren’t able to cover until now.

Soft Violence – Beneath a Wounded Moon

Towards the end of the song “Soft Violence”, Liam Faucher (Soft Violence himself) sings, “I’m still growing in to my heart, in to my soul.” This emotional quest that Faucher outlines here is really at the heart of his debut Beneath a Wounded Moon. Each song is intense and dramatic with lyrics marked by stark imagery and minimalistic instrumentals. In the standout “Caskets,” Faucher, practically whispering, tries to settle his soul, a sentiment that is…

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