Premiere: Os Tropies – “The Soil”

Really excited to be working with Os Tropies, a Toronto band carrying on the spirit of Tropicalia. Get an exclusive listen to their new album The Soil now!

Grayowl Point

the-soilTropicália is a style of music associated with Brazil, a type of music that combines Brazilian and African rhythms with a classic rock and roll sound. Outside of the country’s heroes like Gilberto Gil, there aren’t too many non-Brazilian acts getting in on the sound. Enter Os Tropies.

Originally formed as a Tropicália cover band, this album sees Os Tropies combining the music with psychedelia and other influences, along with socially conscious lyrics, for a wholly unique experience. The Soil means a number of things, from a metaphor for women’s bodies to the environmental issues we don’t think about nearly enough.

Songs like “Thinking Stop Thinking” will get you grooving with Latin rhythms while also challenging you: if you’re not thinking, what the hell are you doing? Often the band isn’t content to do a straight Tropicália song—”Tropicanadense” starts like a hypnotic, sultry song until a thick coating of fuzzy, off-kilter drums…

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