Too Attached


Too Attached are siblings Shamik and Vivek Shraya who, after building their individual artistic careers over the past decade, decided in 2014 to seriously collaborate for the first time, despite one living in Vancouver and the other in Toronto.

The initial results are Bronze, a sexy and stirring collection of five songs grounded in tough beats, samples and rhymes, all tied together by pop smarts and the mesmerizing sounds of the siblings’ Indian heritage.

Indeed, Vivek and Shamik had seemingly been building up to making Bronze since their childhood days of singing Hindu devotional songs together. That led to each of them pursuing individual musical interests, with Vivek releasing four solo albums between 2002-2009 and touring North America with Tegan & Sara, Dragonette, and others.

Shamik focused largely on beatboxing during that time, and toured the world with the likes of Method Man & Redman, Bassnectar, and Tanya Tagaq. Following that, the siblings ventured into other artistic areas, with Vivek publishing two highly praised works of LGBT fiction, and also making a documentary about their mother.

Bronze is music for the modern world; composed from a bottomless well of influences, yet brimming with humanity.

bronze-cover-artRelease Date: April 29, 2016
Label: tooattached/

Track List:
1. Snake
2. Filthy
3. Unhappy
4. Monsoon
5. Sincerely
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