The Maple City

Maple City-cropped

The Maple City-Brief Golden Age [Cover]

The Maple City / Brief Golden Age
Release Date: Nov. 2, 2018
Label: Independent

Produced by Bob Hiltz and The Maple City
Mastered by KRAMER
All songs by Jason McFadden (MAPL)
Genre: Folk-rock / Americana

For playlists including: Bob Dylan,
Daniel Romano, Violent Femmes


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Sharing its name with the moniker of its hometown, Chatham, Ontario, The Maple City is a roots rock collective led by singer/songwriter Jason McFadden. The band’s debut album, Brief Golden Age, is indeed a reminder of a time many of us long for prior to ProTools and “the Millennial Whoop” when music was made in an honest, spontaneous way. While the foundation of McFadden’s approach is the music of his youth—his father’s love of classic country and his three older sisters’ eclectic collection of 45s—the songs on Brief Golden Age are in large measure an expression of the pure joy inherent to making music with a tight-knit group of friends.

That’s clearly evident by such standout tracks on the album as “Come With Me,” “Love Means,” and “Home,” all of which crackle with the band’s ragged-but-right arrangements created by McFadden’s principle cohorts, bassist Dennis “Easy” Reissner and guitarist Steve Wiseman. Drumming duties on Brief Golden Age were handled variously by Nick Sennema and Steve Basiaco, with backing vocals contributed by Ashely Earthchild and KerryAnne Lashbrook.

Their shared connections go back a long way to the 1990s scene in nearby London, Ontario when McFadden and Reissner were members of local heroes Square Root Of Margaret and Wisemen was part of Champion Sprout with renowned producer Andy Magoffin. McFadden’s indie credentials extend even further to the time he spent in Brooklyn working at Shimmy-Disc Records (founded by U.S. indie legend Kramer), which released a string of influential records by the likes of Bongwater, Daniel Johnston, Ween and Gwar. Kramer applied his mastering skills to Brief Golden Age, bringing things full circle for McFadden.