Luther Wright & The Wrongs

LW Press Photo 2 Credit-David Irvine
Credit: David Irvine

On Hearts And Lonely Hunters, the seventh album from Luther Wright And The Wrongs, the Canadian alt-country iconoclasts once again take the road less traveled, thanks to longtime producer Hugh Christopher Brown (Chris Brown & Kate Fenner).

The band’s traditional country roots remain the album’s foundation, although the sound is augmented with lush strings, keys and exquisite backing vocals by Sarah Harmer, Wright’s former Weeping Tile partner. Other guests include the legendary Holmes Brothers and one of New York City’s finest rhythm sections, Tony Scherr and Anton Fier.

Luther Wright has been making music for over 20 years. Known worldwide for Rebuild The Wall, the Roger Waters-endorsed country/bluegrass reworking of Pink Floyd’s classic The Wall, Wright and The Wrongs’ catalogue of acclaimed original music includes the albums Man Of Your Dreams (2008) and Guitar Pickin’ Martyrs (2003). Wright also had his songs featured in Ron Mann’s documentary on Woody Harrelson, Go Further, and continues to regularly collaborate with many Canadian and American artists.

Cover ArtRelease Date: January 16, 2016
Snakeye Muzak / Outside Music

1. Black Mark
2. Old World
3. Come Over & Jam
4. Heart’s For Breaking
5. The One Girl
6. Elvis
7. Lucifer
8. Front Porch
9. Treasure
10. Northern
11. Broken Yesterdays
12. The Parking Lot Song
13. While I Was Gone