Logan and Nathan

Logan and Nathan PRESS PHOTO [credit Ali Calladine]

Logan and Nathan-The Happening [2020] COVER

Logan and Nathan / The Happening
Release Date: April 24, 2020
Label: Fallen Tree Records
Genre: Singer-Songwriter / Experimental Folk

Songs by Logan Thackray and Nathan Turner
Produced by Logan and Nathan
in Vancouver BC (MAPL/SOCAN)

Facebook: @loganandnathan
Instagram: @loganandnathan
Twitter: @loganandnathan

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Vancouver-based duo Logan and Nathan know a lot about space and distance, and living separately at opposite ends of Canada for a large portion of 2019 has brought out the best in them on their new album The Happening.

Their third release as Logan and Nathan, The Happening finds singer/songwriter/visual artist Logan Thackray and multi-instrumentalist Nathan Turner taking a significant step forward sonically, adding elements such as down-tempo hip-hop and Eno-esque ambience to their traditional folk foundation. The results are stunningly hypnotic, capturing the alternating feelings of discovery and isolation they each experienced during their time apart.

“I was going to school on Haida Gwaii [formerly B.C.’s Queen Charlotte Islands] and then went to work in Eeyou Istchee [in northern Quebec],” Logan says. “Nathan was in school in Vancouver and then took a semester off to work in Eeyou Istchee, but in a different community. Even though being apart for nine months sucked, we did have space to create art and music that can only come from deep reflection and openness to whatever came up. We were both living realities that pushed us to open our hearts and minds, and when we finally did come together again there was a collision of empathy and understanding.”

Upon reuniting in Vancouver in June 2019, the pair immediately began crafting their new musical ideas at Nathan’s home studio, emerging two months later with 10 finished tracks, aided only by Max Ley on drums, Clara Rose on violin and Jen Charters on saxophone. The common thread with the songs was an exploration of their journeys as individuals and as a couple, along with what it means to live in a world that’s on fire. “We started with the songs we love and then a natural arc started to form,” Nathan explains. “We only abandoned a few songs along the way this time; we do a lot of trial and error-style composing and sometimes songs end up going in weird directions. That can be a good thing, but other times you just have to let them go.”

The deep connection Logan and Nathan share is palpable throughout The Happening and, ultimately, is what the listener also gets to share. Sometimes the space between us isn’t as distant as we perceive.