BW Head Shot [credit Calvin Hudson Hwang]

“We could refer to this as ‘world music.’ We would, of course, be talking about LAL’s world.” John Sakamoto, Toronto Star

Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray, better known as the Toronto-based Electronic duo LAL, have deep roots within the Canadian music scene with 18 years of performing and an expansive catalogue of innovative records to their credit. Their latest album, Find Safety, is the result of three years of studio work, offering a compellingly danceable and provocative political statement all at once.

With influences encompassing Fela Kuti, Massive Attack, Pete Rock and Detroit Techno, Find Safety is lyrically informed by LAL’s community shows at their home concert space, as well as their ongoing support of social justice causes and art projects, with an emphasis on Queer and/or BIPOC issues. The album overall addresses a need to create safer spaces for themselves and their friends, and musically is a masterful blend of synth and sample-based minimalism. Or as they prefer to call it, 4 a.m. music.

Lal_CdArtRelease Date: April 29, 2016
Label: Coax Records/Outside Music

Track List:
1. Dead Happiness
2. Tiny Mirrors
3. Rules Were Meant To Be Broken
4. Stand In My Way
5. Close
6. One Way
7. Rubbish
8. Towards The Door
9. Find Safety

Twitter: @lalforest