Jon Stancer

Jon Stancer 2020 Press Photo [Colour]
JON STANCER-Chase the Moon [2020 Single] ART
Jon Stancer / Chase The Moon [Single]
Release Date: May 13, 2020
Label/Distribution: Independent

Genre: Pop-Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Produced by Dan Kurtz at theAsylumTO
Facebook: @JonStancerMusic
Twitter: @jon_stancer
Instagram: @jonstancer

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Jon Stancer’s songs comprise and embrace a variety of popular styles, but he is mostly considered to be an alternative-pop-rock artist. He has worked and collaborated with many other artists over the years, including singer-songwriter John Southworth, musician and composer, Sam Allison (aka Lotus Wight), musician and producer, Hawksley Workman, musician and producer, Jono Grant, musician and producer Dominic Salole (aka Mocky), musicians Dan Kurtz (Dragonette; The New Deal) and Jamie Shields (The New Deal), and musician and producer, Sam Willows (Avenue).

In 2015, Jon began writing and recording home demos for what would become his debut solo album, For The Birds. Produced by Jono Grant (John Southworth) and released in June 2017, the album received very favourable reviews, with author and music critic Michael Barclay calling it ‘a tiny little record that sounds like a million bucks’ and Canadian Beats characterizing the album as ‘luscious and resplendent’ with ‘each song brimming with heart and personality’. For The Birds spawned three singles: ‘Dance In The Sun’, ‘Take The Bait’ and ‘Now That Summer Is Gone’, which reached the #1 spot on the L.A.-based New Music Weekly Indie chart, and landed in the top 10 on its Hot 100 chart alongside such luminary artists as Taylor Swift, Maroon 5 and Ariana Grande (go figure).

In November of 2018, Jon released the political single, ‘Not Far From The Truth’, a sharp rebuke of the current U.S. administration and its plethora of deceptions, and a rallying cry to support the unfairly vilified media.

In April of 2019, Jon released another widely acclaimed single, ‘Can’t Get It By You’, a song about indulgence and deception, gratitude and love, Jon has said the song is partly “confessional”, and that its cryptic lyric was a calculated endeavour “to try to divulge something without saying too much”.

Jon’s plans for 2020 were to include the release of a collection of new material later in the year, the recording of which was in progress when the COVID-19 pandemic struck in January. The intent now he says, is to “work as circumstances permit and finish what we can” and possibly release some of this new music “in pieces over time”. His most recent single, ‘Chase the Moon,’ is the first track to emerge from those sessions.

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