Jimi Bertucci

Jimi Bertucci-Press Photo 1 [credit Michelle Smith]

Jimi Bertucci-Bouquet Of Pink [2020] ART

Jimi Bertucci / Bouquet On Pink
Release Date: Sept. 18, 2020
Label: Independent
Genre: Power Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Produced by Daniel Wonacott
at Bright Idea Audio, Claremont CA
All songs by Jimi Bertucci (MAPL/SOCAN)

Facebook: @jimi.bertucci
Twitter: @wow2210

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In the mid-1970s, a young Toronto band called Abraham’s Children found themselves on the North American charts with a song called “Goodbye, Farewell,” written by bassist/vocalist Jimi Bertucci. It was actually an introduction to the wider music world for the singer/songwriter, who had dedicated himself to rock and roll at the age of 13 after seeing The Beatles at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1964.

Fast forward nearly five decades later and Bertucci is still making catchy pop-rock. His latest release is Bouquet On Pink, a six-song EP that shows Bertucci’s skills have aged like a fine wine.

From the title track’s classic crunch, to the majestic “Feel” and jangly “Turn Around,” Bertucci puts on a master class in power pop composition.

Supporting that process is Bouquet On Pink’s producer Daniel Wonacott, former bassist for California post-hardcore band Finch, whose sonic touch makes Bertucci sound as powerful as he ever has. Balancing that is the EP’s lyricism, inspired by the Marc Chagall painting of the same name he says all of the songs are connected to in some way.

Having survived the rock and roll wars, Bertucci is happy at this point in his life to make music on his own terms and at his own pace. Still, Jimi Bertucci remains one of Canada’s greatest unsung rock ‘n roll heroes, and Bouquet On Pink is living proof.