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Jennifer Holub-The Reckoning [2018] COVER

Jennifer Holub / The Reckoning
Release Date: Oct. 5, 2018
Label: Independent

Produced by Jennifer Holub & Jonathan Danyliw
All songs by Jennifer Holub (MAPL/SOCAN)
Genre: Experimental Folk / Singer-Songwriter

Facebook: @JenniferHolubMusic
Twitter: @JenniferHolub2
Instagram: @jenniferholub

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There are several definitions of the word “reckoning,” but the one that’s been foremost on Jennifer Holub’s mind is the most ancient—punishment for past misdeeds. That theme runs through the 10 songs on the Sudbury, Ontario native’s sophomore album, a collection she envisioned from the start as a feminist call to action.

Working with co-producer Jonathan Danyliw (Murder Murder, Pistol George Warren) and engineer Matthew Wiewel, The Reckoning marks a major artistic step forward for Holub who builds on her previous Americana-tinged sound with a range of elements—everything from vintage soul to EDM—that adds up to a reflection of her northern environment: pastoral, cold and resilient.

The album also presents the first fruits of Holub’s decision to make music her full-time pursuit, and she’s set up to have the road be her home well into 2019. “I still love my older songs,” she says, “but I wanted to learn more about arrangements through experimenting with sounds in my home studio. Telling a complete story through sound became an important goal for me.”

The Reckoning does retain some of the Americana flavor of Holub’s past work. However, genre distinctions have less meaning for her than they ever have, and Holub cites artists as diverse as Mavis Staples and Zach de la Rocha as her primary inspiration for The Reckoning. “To me, artists like them represent the potential of music to affect change,” she says. “I have always listened to these artists and have been connected to that breed of songwriting. They have taught me how songs can inspire hearts and minds when rhetoric fails.”