Jeffery Straker

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Jeffery Straker / Dirt Road Confessional
Release Date: May 19, 2017

Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Producers: Daniel Ledwell, Royal Wood, Lawrence Katz, Dean Drouillard, Robyn Dell’Unto, Murray Pulver, Brad Prosko

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Twitter: @jefferystraker
Instagram: /jefferystraker

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“Dramatic and melodic, Straker is a throwback to days when a piano and sincerity ruled. Choruses soar, piano accents are always impeccable.”
Bob Mersereau – CBC / Top100canadian blog

“Gifted in his ability to write intricate story songs buoyed by melodies that fit a listener’s ears like a beloved, broken-in glove, Straker the songwriter then ascends to the company of artists whose songs reverberate for audiences, and he’s already been compared to many of those by earlier reviewers — Billy Joel, Elton John and Carole King for sure.”
Calgary Herald