Excuses Excuses

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Mind Over Matter [EP COVER]Excuses Excuses / Mind Over Matter EP
Release Date: Sept. 20, 2019
Label: Independent

Produced by Justin Meli
at Chalet Recording Studio, Uxbridge ON
Genre: Modern Rock / Punk

Web: www.excusesexcuses.ca
Facebook: @OfficialExcusesExcuses
Instagram: @exebandca
Twitter: @ExEbandCA
Bandcamp: LINK

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Although Toronto punk trio Excuses Excuses can go toe-to-toe with any band in the ferocity department – and if you’ve seen them live, you’d surely agree – they also know that the key to longevity is great songs. They add three more to their burgeoning catalogue with their latest EP, Mind Over Matter, a potent micro-dose of everything that makes them one of Canada’s great up-and-coming rock bands.

It follows their 2018 EP Catch Me If You Can, which Popmatters described as, “pack(ing) a punch both musically and lyrically,” while the Waterloo Region Record wrote, “though barely out of their teens, Excuses Excuses are maturing quickly as a band.” Indeed, Mind Over Matter is the end result of a concentrated effort to push their songwriting skills forward, combined with a year of serious touring.

As singer/guitarist Kyle Wilton says, “The songs truly are singles; they are unique by nature. With these three tunes, the only thing we knew going into the studio was that we specifically wanted to bring something to our fans that was personal, raw, real, and altogether human. We wanted to give them a deeper look into who Excuses Excuses is, why we love what we do, and to show why we constantly fight to keep moving forward.”

As with Catch Me If You Can, Mind Over Matter was produced and mixed by Justin Meli at Chalet Studios in Uxbridge, Ontario, with guitar tech assistance by Kevin Comeau of the band Crown Lands, and drum tech assistance by Jordan Gauthier of the YC Drum Company. Excuses Excuses will be on tour across Canada throughout the autumn of 2019, and will continue to spread the message that no one wins unless everybody wins.