David Simard


David Simard is a Vancouver-based singer/songwriter whose patient observation of life’s dark corners and forgotten places has resulted in The Heavy Wait, his latest stunning collection of 11 songs intended to be savored. Drawn from material gathered over the past eight years, Simard’s second full-length is infused with flavours from the various locales he’s lived in, from Montreal to Paris to a ghost town in Northern B.C.

The lyrical and musical makeup of The Heavy Wait is an effortless combination of gilded European elegance and small-town noir. Simard and his band recorded most of the album in a charged, live-off-the-floor session in Arcade Fire’s old “Petite Eglise” studio. They dug in to produce a quiet intensity so palpable that the album builds in strength with each track. Waves of horns and lap steel guitar, sparsely placed piano, and haunting clarinet lines recorded later in Paris and Vancouver rush to complement the live performances. “The Heavy Wait” was the band’s chosen mantra during that first session and it persisted until the final note was captured.

With The Heavy Wait, David Simard has come markedly closer to achieving the personal and political balance he has long sought with his music in a world that is continually speeding up.

the-heavy-wait-cover-resizedRelease Date: August 5, 2016
Label: David Simard Music

Track List:
1. Cat’s Cradle
2. Lucie
3. Good Clean Water
4. The Guitar Player
5. The Line
6. I’m Bad
7. La Dee Da
8. Superior
9. Said Too Much
10. Take Me In
11. Rorshach

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