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Dave McEathron / Abandoned Companions
Release Date: Oct. 26, 2018
Label: Independent

Produced by Brian Pickett
& Hill Kourkoutis (tracks 4, 8)
All songs by Dave McEathron (MAPL/SOCAN)
Genre: Americana / Singer-songwriter

Facebook: @DaveMcEathronMusic
Twitter: @DaveMcEathron

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Toronto-Hamilton based multi-instrumentalist Dave McEathron is thrilled to announce his resurgence into the music scene with the release of his full-length folk album titled Abandoned Companions along with a roots rock EP titled The Abandoned Companions Companion Piece.

Together, they are an intimately crafted work of art, right down to the packaging. Dave focused on creating a beautiful, tangible item that fans would want to keep for years to come. Utilizing his crafting skills, Dave has made every album cover with high-quality pieces of leather and has hand stamped each one with the album’s logo. Inside fans will enjoy both the full-length folk album along with the roots-rock EP and a complete song book filled with lyrics and chords to every song.

“I’m in a really good place and am so proud of this project. It took a lot of hard work to get here and I’m confident that this is my best writing. The album incorporates everything I’ve overcome and learned throughout the years. It’s honest. It’s me.”

Dave worked alongside producer Brian Pickett (sometime collaborator with The Strumbellas, Ashley Condon) to create Abandoned Companions and The Abandoned Companions Companion Piece. The richly layered collection of folk-rock songs showcases raw intertwined stories of relationships, falling in and out of love, reevaluating life, fun, working in factories and old historical stories. The album also includes “Luck,” a song which was co-written with JUNO winner David Francey.

Dave’s acclaimed lyrical skills shine through on each tune, just as they did on his past work with Canadian roots rockers The Warped 45s. The songs are concise, and although stand steadily on their own, they systematically build an overall arch that is the entire album and Dave’s life. Best enjoyed during life’s quiet moments.