Collette Savard and the Savants

Collette Savard and the Savants-Cover Art

Collette Savant and the Savants / self-titled
Release Date: January 26, 2018
Label: Independent

Produced by John Switzer
Mastered by Peter J. Moore
Genre: Alt-Folk, Modern Soul

Facebook: @ColletteSavard
Twitter: @collettesavard

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A new sound, a new band, a new attitude. That sums up Toronto singer/songwriter Collette Savard’s latest album, Collette Savard and the Savants.

After releasing three independent albums with her former partner, John Zytaruk, Savard was determined for her next project to expand her scope by connecting with some of Toronto’s most experienced, dynamic and creative musicians. The results are a brilliant folk-jazz-blues hybrid showcasing not only Savard’s own highly affecting performances, but the contributions of the aptly named Savants: backup singer/percussionist Rebecca Campbell, bassist and producer John Switzer, drummer Martin Worthy, guitarist Tim Posgate, and keyboardist Megan Worthy.

These songs were written throughout a period of great upheaval in Savard’s life as her 13-year marriage and musical partnership came to an end. She channeled the mixture of emotions that came from that time into songs like “In Over My Head” and “I’m Counting On You Heart.”

Although the album was born out of deep sorrow, Savard views it as a testament to optimism and empowerment. As the band began jelling, it allowed her to try on some different musical hats, as on the Stax Records-influenced “It Shines,” and the Steely Dan-esque “Last Cigarette.” Overall, anyone familiar with Savard’s previous three albums will likely be surprised by this new effort, which in the end became precisely her intention.