Art Bergmann

Credit: Kenneth Locke

The Apostate is Art Bergmann’s first full-length album in 18 years, and for that reason alone should be considered a triumph in the face of his once-debilitating health issues, and a music industry that seemingly no longer held a place for him. That aside, The Apostate is a triumph simply because it is the best work he has ever done during his four decades as a recording artist, from his work with seminal Vancouver punk band the Young Canadians, to his four acclaimed solo albums in the 1980s and ‘90s, culminating with the JUNO Award-winning What Fresh Hell Is This?

Art’s voice has been missing from our national consciousness for far too long, but it is back with a vengeance on The Apostate. Working with producer Lorrie Matheson, Art crafted sounds suited to the subject matter—the hazy Americana of “Atheist Prayer,” the mesmerizing North African majesty of “Mirage (The Apostate),” the ragged Stones-y groove of “Live It Up,” the epic sweep of the 12-minute “Pioneers,” and the stark intimacy of “The Legend Of Bobby Bird.”

Punk rock was a sound, but above all it was an attitude. Art Bergmann’s attitude has never changed, even as his sound inevitably evolved. After so long in the wilderness, The Apostate is the album he needed to make, and all of us now need to hear.

Album ArtRelease Date: April 8, 2016
Label: Weewerk Recordings

1. Atheist Prayer
2. Mirage (The Apostate)
3. Cassandra
4. The Greatest Story Never Told
5. Live It Up
6. A Town Called Mean
7. Pioneers
8. The Legend Of Bobby Bird

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